3 BIG 'No Brainer' Reasons for Helmets

Just going to drop a 3 quick but smart reasons entry to choose to ride with helmet gear.

1. Head Injuries

Did you know?

Head injuries occur 3 out of every 4 bicycle accidents.

It goes without saying, helmets are a good idea - especially if you plan to be on a set of wheels in motion and the only barrier between you and a fast approaching hard surface is your skin, muscle and bone.

No matter if it's your fault, their fault, or nobody's fault, bike helmets will save you some drama - and some trauma! Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), that is.

Whether it's a collision with a motor vehicle, or getting thrown from a bike after a hard bump, or a mere tip and fall - guardin' that noggin will pay off.

2. Brain Damage

Brain damage does not heal swiftly. It takes less time to put a helmet on.

The brain is a complex organ and you need it everyday. And though it's true that brain damage can heal over time, there are a lot of factors that go into that and the recover is unpredictable case by case.

brain neurons

Considering that sometimes acquired brain damage can be severe enough to be a life-long reality, or even death, a biker should consider wearing a helmet as an essential part of his/her gear.

3. Style and Safety

Hey! You can accomplish both style and safety at the same time!

Smiling Girl with helmet

Helmets are lightweight, ergonomically-enhanced, and stylish, too! They visually enhance the bike rider, helping the motorist spot a biker on the road even during the day but especially at dusk and at night.

If your helmet does not come already with light reflective properties installed, add reflective tape so that you can be seen from different angles.

HEAD helmet

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